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Visual Arithmetics

The program designed to study integer arithmetic.

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The program VISUAL ARITHMETICS offers a new way of training and testing of skills in arithmetics of integers for elementary and high school (integers must not exceed 32768).

For this developed a simple and visual step-by-step algorithm. On arbitrary examples entered in arithmetic editors it is possible to solve in the interactive mode together with the program
following tasks:
– addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a columns;
– decomposition of a number into prime factors;
– transfer of complex fractions to the expression which is written in a line using parentheses;
– finding the lowest common denominator for fractions, bringing to a common denominator of fractions;
– the solution of an arbitrary example in integers, written in a line in which there are operations + for addition, – for subtraction, * for multiplication, / for division, (, ) for parentheses.

To work in an interactive mode, additional arithmetic editors join at each stage of the solution of an example.
These arithmetic editors allow to enter the intermediate stage of the decision from the keyboard, the program checks record regarding equality:
4+5/7*(4*5*5+4+4/44/88)*5=? and further input of expression or transfer of management to the program;
4*5*5=? and further input of expression or transfer of management to the program;
4+4+4/44/88=? and further input of expression or transfer of management to the program.

The program on examples of varying complexity shows an evident solution of an example, at the same time at each stage of the decision it is possible to be connected to the decision,
having used input of the decision through editors.
Work with the program does not require additional knowledge. Training happens in the course of the solution of numerous examples together with the program. Especially we want to
pay your attention to a separate problem of decomposition of number to prime factors.

Because the program uses the entire screen, we recommend using a separate table that can be easily created with the buttons tab+win.
The program was written in Visual C++ Express.

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